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  • Joan O'Donnell

    Joan O'Donnell

    Doctoral researcher, lecturer, living and learning in systems. Advanced Social Presencing Practitioner, Editor:

  • Peter Kruger

    Peter Kruger

    Mechatronic Engineer | Innovation Researcher

  • 陳盈 Chan Ying Crystal

    陳盈 Chan Ying Crystal

    公共衞生/ 養龜人/

  • Tiffany Yung

    Tiffany Yung

  • Frankie Wong

    Frankie Wong

  • Ravishu Punia

    Ravishu Punia

    Only desire is to transcend myself so that I can allow the universe to flow through me; so that I can ‘human’ in much the same way an apple tree ‘apples’

  • Wright Fu

    Wright Fu

    不學無術的香港廢中一枚,被醬缸社會不斷磨蝕的齒輪。歡迎加入 Medium 香港文友群:

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